Darth Sley

Sith Lady on the Lam


After the defeat of Darth Krayt, the Sith dispersed into the galaxy, disguised and hidden, working to find new ways to destroy the Jedi order. Darth Sley was once a proud warrior serving Darth Krayt, now she was little more then a beggar, fleeing her destruction at the hands of the Jedi. Deep in Wild Space, she found the Pontifex a dark and dangerous Force wielder who convinced Sley that he would be the new Emperor, and if she served, trained new warriors to his cause, she would serve at his right hand.

The Pontifex has been gathering Force sensitives who were discovered living within wild space to him recently. Training them, he is attempting to build these humanoids into a standing army of force wielders, and eventually, to share the gift of the Noctis with. Darth Sley slowly became fiercely loyal to the Pontifex, like so many of his other servants, reaching a level of reverence in which she worshiped him, and the Noctis as a god.

A Master of Elements, Sley used the force to generate ice, fire, lightning and shadows to combat her enemies, and was able to surround herself in a massive build-up of energy and unleash it all at once, causing massive damage to her foes. She was slain by the Hunters of the Noble Rose while infiltrating the Pontifex’s base, putting an end to his little Dark Side school.

Darth Sley

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