Darth Toxenis

Poisonis Sith Lord


HP 120, Def 20, Attack 9, Dmg 2d86 – Crit 20
Melee Attack;
Vicious Attack (Score a critical hit on natural rolls of 19 and 20);
Tactical Overlord (Deals extra 1d6 damage against enemies he has combat advantage against.);
Poisoned Slash (Standard – Make two attacks against two different adjacent targets. +12 Attack -1d8 Damage, target gets 10 ongoing poison, save ends);
Force Shadow (Standard – +10 Attack – 2d6 Damage and target is blinded, save ends);


A Sith Lord in the service of Darth Krayt, Darth Toxenis was a devious warrior who used tactics to put opponents into positions of weakness before striking with poisonous blades. To take advantage of his tactical positioning, Darth Toxenis would employ several powerful battle droids which would engage his foes before he himself would lunge into the fray.

On the planet Dantooine, Darth Toxenis was sent to kill the Yuuzhan Vong insurgent Pangzel Cur, but instead was assaulted by the Hunters of the Noble Rose, who, along with several Yuuzhan Vong warriors, killed the Sith Lord.

Darth Toxenis

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