Darth Trasis

Swing and a Miss


Defense 12; Attack +10; Damage 10
Known Powers; Melee Reach 4; Twin Attack; Whirling Chains
Force 0; Force Renewal 1; Force Whirlwind 5


Darth Trasis was a monstrous Sith Lord covered in tattoos and wielding long metal chains which he guided with his own immense physical strength as well as the force. In combat, Darth Trasis swung the chains in massive arcs at such high speeds that blaster fire from outside the range of the chains was almost completely ineffective.

Darth Trasis cut a swath of chaos and destruction through the Mandalorian lines on Ordo, finally assaulting their main base while the Mandalorian’s evacuated the planet. There, he battled the Mercenaries who were attempting to reach a ship for passage off the planet. Trasis was finally defeated by a perfect shot through his chain defenses made by Mandalore the Infinite.

Darth Trasis

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