Do-Gol Maguir

Jedi Padawan


HP 120, Defense 16, Attack +5, Damage 1d8
Known Powers: Melee Attack.

When empowered by the Sith Holocron, gains:
Force Lighting 3, Cruel Wounds (Does an additional 1d6 damage against bloodied enemies).


Do-Gol Maguir was padawan to the Jedi Master Tee-id Crilay. A relatively young and impulsive padawan, he was often scolded by his master for his thoughtlessness and frequent daydreaming. Tee-id Crilay had incredible patience just to deal with the young Do-Gol, and often joked of Do-Gol’s inability to distinguish his visions with actual reality.

Do-Gol accompanied Tee-id Crilay to Ruuria, where they encountered the escaped slaves who would become the bounty hunters of the Noble Rose. Tee-id Crilay sent Do-Gol down into the tunnels leading to town to accompany the former slaves, and he helped the group battle a vicious group of Rakghouls. But Do-Gol was assaulted mentally by a mysterious Holocron the group found, tapping into the young boys power, it attempted to twist him to the dark side, forcing him to attack the group in an attempt to steal the Holocron. When he was defeated, the Holocron itself finished him off, destroying the Padawan. Master Tee-id Crilay discovered the group with Do-Gol’s corpse, but was unable to even perceive the Holocron. He was however able to sense the truth behind the parties pleas of innocence, and unable to justify killing the group, he allowed them to go, returning back to the Jedi Council to mourn his padawan and report on these mysterious incidents.

Do-Gol Maguir

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