Dor Kalas

Smuggler Extraordinaire


Dor Kalas was an expert smuggler renowned for his skill with a ship and skill with a blaster, he had made a fortune in his smuggling runs for his patron, Aljool the Hutt. However, even the luckiest bastards get caught once in a while, and Dor Kalas was eventually seized by an Imperial Patrol. While he was not carrying any cargo at the time, he was on his way to make a pick-up, and eventually, the Imperial interrogators managed to get the location of his pick-up from him, resulting in a vicious raid that cost the Hutt Clans greatly.

After this event, Dor Kalas went into hiding aboard the space station known as the Wheel, at which point the Hutts issued a bounty on him, brought back alive, for he was too valuable to kill, but an example needed to be made. In secret, Dor Kalas had already begun to make back the money, secretly basing his own on-the-side smuggling out of the Wheel for its owner, Pol Temm. When the Hunters of the Noble Rose arrived to claim the bounty, Dor Kalas made them a deal, take back a healthy amount of credits, which would make a substantial dent in the debt he owned the Hutts, and allow him to continue operations until he could repay the lost cargo in full.

The Hunters took this deal and returned to Aljool the Hutt with his credits and his message, for which Aljool paid the bounty, lifting it from Dor Kalas. However, he threatened both the Smuggler and the Bounty Hunters to think twice before overstepping the limits of their contracts in the future.

Dor Kalas

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