Undead Juggernaught


HP 600, Def 18, Attack +15, Damage – 2d8 (Crit – 20)
Known Powers: Melee Reach 2;
Brutal Strikes (Your attacks knock targets prone.)
Resounding Strikes (Your successful melee attacks create a burst 3 from target; everything within the burst takes half damage from your attacks.)
Terrifying Smash (Standard: Encounter: Flasks lunges up to 6 squares, landing adjacent to a target, making 2 attacks against them at +10 attack, doing 2d6 each. If both hit, target is knocked back 4 squares and knocked prone. Targets within 6 squares must make a save, or are terrified (stunned), until the end of your next turn.
Charging Fling (Standard: Encounter: Flasks charges a target, hitting them with a standard attack which if successful grabs the target. The momentum from the charge doubles back and allows Flasks to throw the grabbed target at another enemy within 6 squares, +12 to attack, it deals 1d10 damage for every 2 squares thrown, up to 3d10, to both targets.
Undeath (Whenever Flasks receives 200 HP of damage, he is considered to be killed. Afterwards, he will rise again and continue to pursue any living targets.)


Flasks is a prototype of an ultimate warrior, totally loyal, expendable, and nearly impervious to death, a brutal member of the Dark Hunters. Physically, he has a very vague resemblance to a Trandoshan, but one which has been severely mutated or deformed into a large hulking monstrosity. Flasks relied heavily on brute strength and his terrifying presence to destroy his foes, and was rarely unleashed by the Dark Hunters, often only when there was no need for any type of subtlety.

The Hunters of the Noble Rose first encounter Flasks on Ruuria, where the massive figure was merely a silent presence looming amongst the other Dark Hunters. It was not until the battle at the Black Sun Asteroid Base that Flasks waded into combat against the group alongside the full force of the Dark Hunters. When Sabers appeared to succeed in his gambit to kill the Jedi Raxar Kun, he ordered retreat, and unleashed Flasks upon the group to utterly destroy them.

Flasks was killed several times in this battle, sustaining fatal wounds from the group planting grenades in his body, overloading the stations power cells around him, and eventually detonating a drum of fuel, pulling all the pins on their grenades, and exploding a sabotaged jet pack in his face. As they watched, some mysterious series of devices began to pump a black liquid through Flasks, beginning to repair the basic structural damage to his body. Before he was able to repair himself, the Hunters removed the device from his body. What remained was destroyed when the self-destruction of the Asteroid Base.

During the Hunters mission on Zebitrope IV, they discovered that Flasks was created by Darth Evascera using a combination of Sith Alchemy and an ancient biological virus known as Blackwind. After his death aboard the Asteroid Station, Sabers commissioned Darth Evascera to create a second, more advanced creature, but the Hunters were able to kill Darth Evascera and destroy the second Flasks before the monster could be fully activated.


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