Fo Biseten

Shape-Changing Traitor


Def 19, Attack 10, Damage 2d68
Melee Attack; Evade;
Threatening Reach 2;
Claw Dance – Encounter – +15 attack, 2d8 Damage. Make three consecutive attacks, for each one that hits, you may shift one square.
Swift Counterstrike – Encounter – Immediate Reaction – Recharge 5,6 – Make a standard melee attack against an enemy who has just hit you with an attack.


Fo Biseten was a Shi’ido skinshifter, one of the few races in the galaxy who could fully and completely change their shape, like the Clawdites. As such, he served as the perfect spy and double agent in the employ of the Dark Hunters. His treachery was nearly untraceable, and Fo Biseten worked to infiltrate ODIN’s uppermost ranks, switching his name and face on a daily basis within the massive flagship, the Guarding Reach.

He served aboard the Bridge as a high-ranking ensign when the Hunters of the Noble Rose arrived and revealed that they had succeeded in killing Sabers. Forced to make his final moves quickly, Fo Biseten caught Mandalore the Trenchant unaware, attacking the Mandalore and taking his armor as disguise, he activated the sleeper cells aboard the Guarding Reach to kill the Hunters, and proceeded to begin his work to destroy the ODIN flagship.

However, his work was cut short, as Fo was revealed as the traitor by the Hunters of the Noble Rose, and was unable to succeed in destroying the Guarding Reach, only managing to detonate one of the ships engines before he was killed.

Fo Biseten

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