General Brannigan

Nepotism in Action


Defense 20, Attack +12, Damage 20
Known Powers: It’s a Trap, Feared Command, Wave after Wave of my Own Men


General Brannigan, typically referred to as ‘Dog Breath’ by his men, was a Sith General who found his command was more the result of his relation to the Sith Lord Darth Brannigan then it was over any real skill of his own. With little knowledge of tactics or combat skill, he would often send wave after wave of his own men against his foes, overwhelming them with sheer numbers.

What Brannigan did not count on was a highly skilled squad of Mandalorians who held out against his soldiers, as well as the participation of one of the Droids of the Cult of Illviii, Shioshi. No number of Sith Stormtroopers could hold the line against these forces, and General Brannigan met his end at the barrel of a Mandalorian blaster.

General Brannigan

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