2nd of the Cult


Defense 20, Attack +12, Damage 20
Known Powers: Melee Attack, Twin Attack, Melee Reach 3, Colossal, Dual Activation, Speed 12
Blast Cannon, Crushing Grasp, Trample


Grez was a battle droid member of the Cult of Illviii. He represented himself as the Jury of the Empire of the Hand, and acted towards the goals of that organization in public. In secret, Grez was working with his companions, the other Cult droids Shioshi and Lekad to discover the location of Darth Revan, who had long ago disappeared.

Grez rarely interacted with others, often appearing as a massive Bulk Loader droid, and rarely speaking. He was an intimidating sight when he made appearances, due to his massive size, but would rarely be given a second look because of how innocuous the Bulk Loader was believed to be. Grez was actually an extremely complex series of hive droids, appearing as a type of living creature, insect-like in appearance. The Bulk Loader that would appear to individuals would often be a combination of four of the individual Grez entities acting as one.

His immense size and massive power, as opposed to the subtle finesse of Shioshi, often reserved Grez for only the most brutal operations. In the end, he was not physically encountered until the summit meeting between Thrawn and Revan, where several individual Grez Droids appeared to reinforce Shioshi after the apparent death of Revan. These droids were significantly damaged, and fled the battleground. During the battle of Skora, Grez made his full presence known, as several larger Grez units merged into the full Gestalt Droid, a massive creature-like Droid which impaled its enemies with jagged blades as easily as it destroyed artillery vehicles with its heavy cannons. Guarding the shield generator above the entrance into the heart of the Star Forge, Grez was finally destroyed by the mercenary group spearheading the Empire of the Hand’s assault.

Somehow, the Sith managed to get a hold on some of the remains of Grez, analyzing the shattered pieces, they were working to create a working blueprint of the massive Droid in a research station on Ruuria, only to have these plans stolen and the research scientist destroyed by the escaped slaves who would become the Hunters of the Noble Rose. The datapad containing these plans would eventually fall into the hands of Swindle and the Dark Hunters, who would refine the plans and work to recreate Grez on the planet Boz Pity. This copy of the monstrous Droid was destroyed by the Hunters while they assaulted the Dark Hunters factory, but others have since appeared, most notably in the assault on Thyferra.


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