Master of the Cult


Stats of Body:
Defense 20, Attack +14, Damage 20
Known Powers: Triple Attack, Dual Activation, Greater Mobile Attack, Cortosis Reduction, Force Resistant, Situation Awareness, Overwhelming Strike, Choking Grasp


HK-47 was a Hunter-Killer assassin droid and Jedi hunter constructed by the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Revan shortly after the end of the Mandalorian Wars in 3,960 BBY. Shortly before Revan‘s departure from the galaxy, HK-47 was ordered to wait for him, and in the over four thousand years since that point, HK-47 has fallen further and further into a form of insane self-sentience, at last determining that the only solution to save the galaxy was the complete eradication of all ’meat-bags’.

Approximately one thousand years ago, HK-47 began the construction of a massive new Star Forge within the crust of the planet Skora. He built his own memory core into the central heart of the station, effectively making the station itself his body. But the one command he could not override was the wait for Revan and his fear that should his former master reappear, he himself would be unable to fulfill his newly determined purpose.

To actively solve this problem, HK-47 created three self-designed Droids, each of which was modeled after a part of his own personality programming, with the hopes that at least one of the three could overcome the program restriction and kill Revan when the time came. These three droids were named the Cult of Illviii, Shioshi, representing cold logic and precision, Grez representing destruction and chaos, and Lekad representing his hatred. Once built, they were sent out into the Outer Rim to find, and destroy, Revan.

HK-47 spent the next thousand years finishing construction of the Star Forge, and waiting. When the Cult of Illviii found and arranged for the death of Revan, HK-47 awoke and began the final preparations to emerge and being to use the massive Star Forge to burn the stars out of existence. When his last guardian, Lekad was destroyed in the heart of the Star Forge, HK-47 implemented the final defense, using the latest technologies, he constructed a new body to destroy the intruders. But even this was not enough, as Revan along with the Mandalorians and the Mercenaries working with the Empire of the Hand were able to overcome the droid before finally destroying the Star Forge itself, utterly destroying HK-47 once and for all.


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