Jarn Organa

The mysterious pilot of the Noble Rose.


Level 10

Basic Force Power


Jarn Organa is an old, old soul. Born on Alderaan over 4,000 years before the current era, he was a Jedi Healer who served on the front lines of the Mandalorian War, alongside the charismatic Revanchist. When Revan fell to the Dark Side and declared himself Darth Revan, Jarn fell with him. When Revan later found the light, Jarn found the blood on his hands unbearable, and fled the conflict, losing his connection with the force.

When Revan began his preparations to carbon freeze an army in preparation to battle some horrific future, he found Jarn and recruited him once again, to atone for his actions, this time as a simple soldier.

Jarn awoke alongside the rest of Revans Army during the free-for-all within Revan’s temple. As he began to assimilate into the new universe, he discovered that his home world, Alderaan, had been destroyed by the Sith, and seeing this as a personal failure, he once again fled from his responsibilities.

Now, he has found himself led by circumstance and the whisperings of the Force to the ship now christened the Noble Rose. He has begun to hear the Will of the Force once again, and sees his destiny alongside the bounty hunters who he had helped escape from the prison world of Ruuria.

During the ODIN assault against the Dark Hunters bases, Jarn joined with the other Hunters of the Noble Rose to find and eliminate Coins. While he still wishes to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, he has seen that he needs to do battle against the forces of darkness, which he saw the Dark Hunters representing.

Jarn Organa

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