Jhorash Thurl

Faux Jedi Accountant


150 HP, Def 19, Attack +11, Damage 2d8
Melee Attack; Parry (Save 10 prevents damage from a melee attack);
Lightning Arc; (Recharge 1D6 – 6) Standard; (18) or (12 – 9) or (12 – 6 – 3) Damage to 1, 2, or 3 targets within 3 squares of one another.
Force Jump; (Recharge 1D6 – 5, 6) Move; Gain Speed 8 until the end of your turn and you do not provoke attacks of opportunity.


Jhorash Thurl was the incredibly savvy accountant for the immense financial supplies of Black Sun. Early in his life, it is known that Jhorash excelled in the Imperial Academy, where he was a master at all his academic studies, and his specialty was in Fencing. Between his incredible skills with a sword and his often times superhuman feats of agility, many believed that Jhorash was a Jedi, a deception he often used to his advantage.

As a member of Black Sun, Jhorash Thurl was notoriously clean, for holding such a high rank within the criminal empire, he himself rarely participated in anything overtly illegal, functioning almost exclusively as the accountant and money supply for the organization. But he was more then a simple bookie, Jhorash Thurl was also a brilliant cybernetics designer, and had in fact created his own series of personal upgrades to simulate and enhance his own “jedi-like” abilities.

When the Hunters of the Noble Rose came to claim the bounty on Jhorash, they unfortunately discovered that the Accountant had forged his own bounty to draw them into his lair. Jhorash wished to end their escapades against the more financially solvent members of Black Sun, and took the group captive. However, he hadn’t counted on the appearance of the mysterious Jedi who had been working against Black Sun as well. The Jedi freed the group, who made their way to confront Jhorash once more, this time, killing the Accountant.

Jhorash Thurl

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