Kodagga the Hutt

Playing everyside


Kodagga the Hutt owned the pleasure yacht known as the Bright Bauble. He was a notorious con-artist and double crosser, and looking at the earmarks of his career, was extremely profitable at it until he stepped too far.

Kodagga was famous for screwing over his hired help, paying Mercenaries for security work, only to make them buy their own gear from the Hutt’s weapons stores. Kodagga was also known to hire out his Yacht to parties who wished to remain anonymous, only to find their secrets sold by the Hutt to the highest bidder.

These tactics finally backfired on Kodagga when the Empire in Exile began negotiating a treaty with the Mandalorian’s. Kodagga sold the information to the Sith, as the Empire had expected, and found himself on the short end of the bargaining table when the Sith Lord Darth Venomis refused payment, and cut down the Hutt, ending his career in backstabbing.

Kodagga the Hutt

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