Lady Serrina

Walking Bomb


Defense 14; Attack +7; Damage 20

Known Powers: Cyborg, Double Attack, Paralyzing Dart, Self Destruct 40


Lady Serrina was a cyborg servant of the Master. She was sent to Ordo to track down the Holocron stolen from Kodagga’s ship. When it fell into the hands of Mercenaries, she sent several of her cyborg minions to kill them and take the Holocron, but as these attempts failed, the Master agreed to negotiate with them, seeing in the mercenaries potential tools for his plans.

Lady Serrina was one of many tests built by the Master to create an immortal body, in this case, an almost completely cybernetic body with little remaining of the original organic being. Lady Serrina herself was nearly mindless, essentially programmed to serve the Master. Nevertheless, he still built-in a self destruct mechanism in case she ever turned against him.

Lady Serrina

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