1st of the Cult


Defense 17, Attack +15, Damage 30
Known Powers: Flight, Double Attack, Greater Mobile Attack, Hover, Defense Matrix, Offense Matrix, Stun Field, Disintegrate, Exterminate


Lekad was a battle droid member of the Cult of Illviii. He represented himself as the Executioner of the Empire of the Hand, and acted towards the goals of that organization in public. In secret, Lekad was working with his companions, the other Cult droids Shioshi and Grez, to discover the location of Darth Revan, who had long ago disappeared.

Lekad appeared as a large Probe Droid, and was easily distinguished for its harsh staccato voice. Lekad relished the opportunity to manipulate others and mock them, often offering help to fulfill an objective, only to withdraw that help unless a number of hoops were jumped through which would amuse the Droid. Lekad also had unbelievable power at it’s disposal, capable of cutting swaths through armies and destroying large ships. It’s actual appearance was that of an upright, domed Droid featuring a single eye, similar to the Probe Droid it would often masquerade as, but with a solid underbody, covered in smaller orbs it would activate to serve as offensive and defensive drones during combat.

Lekad was the Droid responsible for freeing the mercenary group labeled Mud Squad from the Mandalorian Prison in which they were awaiting execution. Rather then break them free immediately, it instead opened their cells and sounded the alarm, delighted in the carnage their escape resulted in.

Lekad had the most important assignment within the Cult of Illviii during the final battle at Skora, guarding the central core of their new Star Forge station. Engaging the mercenaries in combat, it destroyed several of them, utterly disintegrating them where they stood, before Lekad was finally destroyed in a massive self-sacrifice made by one of the force wielders of the group. Its death was not the end of the Cult of Illviii however, as it only served as the trigger for the Star Forge’s final self defense mechanism to be activated.

Although the last to be actively deployed, a copy of Lekad made an appearance at the battle of Thyferra alongside several production models of the Shioshi and Grez battle droids.


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