Lisa Talken

Reluctant Leader


HP 30, Defense 20, Attack +6, Damage 1d6
Known Powers
Heal – (Standard; Restore 1d10 Hit Points from an adjacent ally, or 1d6 Hit Points from an ally within range 3.)
Leave No Man Behind – (Gains a +2 bonus to speed while any member of Noble Squad is incapacitated.)

Restoration Protocol – (Standard; Remove one effect which a save can end from an adjacent ally.)

Flash Grenade – (Daily: Immediate Reaction; When an enemy within 6 squares targets Noble Leader, they are blinded until the end of their next turn.)


Lisa Talken was born to the backwater world of Zebitrope IV. She served as a Doctor for one of the many small aggro-communities there, until the recent assault by the Sith and the arrival of Darth Evascera.

Lisa was one of the few survivors holed up in the cities underground catacombs, intended to be used as a hiding spot during invasions, they instead become caves of horror as Darth Evascera began using the hidden passages as her private storage and test areas. Lisa became the reluctant leader of a band of nine other survivors, living as best they could, but hopelessly outnumbered and doomed to die until the arrival of several members of the Noble Rose who had come to claim the bounty on Darth Evascera. They found weapons, armor, and foodstuffs which they supplied to the beleaguered survivors, enabling them to fight back and escape.

After their escape, aboard the Noble Rose Lisa showed remorse over those she could not save, and that she could never return to Zebitrope IV. With no where else to go for her or her people, she accepted the offer to stay aboard the Noble Rose as a Medic. The other survivors she had led volunteered to stay as well, forming the small force named Noble Squad.

Having served in battle twice, first on the fields of Misnor and again on Thyferra, Lisa is developing into a competent leader, and a crack shot when necessary, as it was her blaster that destroyed the powerful L3-DAK droid on Thyferra, and she would continue to serve well in the battle against the Octavis Personal Assault Armor and Swindle.

Lisa Talken

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