Lord Morigis

Sith Lord Wannabe


HP 110 Def 17, Attack +9, Dmg 2d6
Known Powers: Melee Attack
Force Horror (Standard; Range 6; +10 attack, 1d6 damage and target is pushed 2 squares.)
Force Burst (Standard; Close Burst 3; +8 attack, 1d6 damage and target is knocked prone.)
Merciless Presence (Enemies who are hit by your attacks while prone take an additional -2 penalty to their attack rolls.)


Lord Morigis was an ambitious Sith officer with some small control of the Force. Although he was too weak to be taken into training as a full-fledged Sith Lord, Morigis believed himself to be on par with the other ranked Darth’s, and carried himself as such.

Morigis was placed in charge of the Sith operations on the planet Ruuria, where he was tasked with uncovering the ruins of a base within the jungle which the Sith believed contained some unknown artifact. He spent two months scouring the jungles, sending slave labor in to clear the way. He worked many of these slaves to death, and others were taken by the various threats in the jungles. When Morigis heard his camp was getting visited by two Sith Lords, he rushed to present his five healthiest slaves to them for inspection. But these two Sith were actually Imperial Knights sent to sabotage the operation, and in the midst of their inspection, they slipped the slaves a vibroblade. The ensuing escape would cause Morigis considerable embarrassment, and when the slaves stole a YT-1300 freighter, they fired the concealed turret of the ship, burning off Morigis’ arm.

Consumed with hatred, Morigis swore to find and destroy them. But he only knew the identity of one of his slaves, a political prisoner Lieutenant Martell. Morigis tracked down his father, Admiral Martell, and forced him to contact his son, setting a trap within his family home.

Face to face with the group, Morigis was amazed that they were in possession of the mysterious artifact he had been hunting down on Ruuria all along, a Sith Holocron. Using the Force to take the Holocron, Morigis was compelled to shatter it in his hand, embedding fragments of the Holocron in his forehead. With this, Morigis ceased to be, his limited force presence drowned out by the trap within the Holocron, as the ancient Sith Lord Darth Shadrus took control of him. Morigis’ body would soon follow as the bounty hunters of the Noble Rose destroyed him, his body burning apart as Darth Shadrus was finally dissipated.

Lord Morigis

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