Mandalore the Crusader


Mandalore the Crusader was the cloned son of Mandalore the Infinite, heir to a lineage of clones each progressively raised by their own clone ‘father’, dating back to Boba Fett. Mandalore the Crusader was a skilled warrior and unsurpassed in his combat prowess, but he appeared to lack the tactical genius held by his father, Mandalore the Infinite.

But there was more to Mandalore the Crusader then simply another Fett legacy clone. Seeing the opportunity that the Mandalorian’s represented as a force of chaos in the universe, the Cult of Illviii arranged for the corruption of the young clone who would become Mandalore the Crusader. Physically he was perfectly healthy, but mentally, Mandalore the Crusader was violent, impulsive, and irrational. These mental instabilities became far more pronounced as he aged. To ensure that Mandalore the Crusader would be in complete control of the Mandalorian clans when needed, the Cult of Illviii also arranged for the Black Sun mercenary Swindle to assassinate Mandalore the Infinite.

Following his father’s death, Mandalore the Crusader’s cries for vengeance, combined with his physical skill and the long history of the Fett Family’s success in the position of Mandalore made his advancement to the title anonymous amongst the clans. But behind his fiery rhetoric for revenge, Mandalore’s mental stability was failing. Fueled by his insanity and desire for revenge, he began launching raids against neighboring systems unprovoked, while he utilized Mud Squad to investigate his father’s death. These unprovoked assaults would cement the Jedi Council, Fel Empire, Galactic Alliance, and the Sith Empire as enemies to the Mandalorians, but Mandalore the Crusader believed that all would fall before him in his glorious crusade.

Seeing a fight that was impossible to win, many Mandalorians began to question the obvious lack of their leaders sanity. Some, such as Captain Zim, would begin taking steps to actively oppose him, while others simply waited for the coming bloodshed. When the trail of Mandalore the Infinite’s murder finally led to the Mud Squad quartermaster Swindle, Mandalore the Crusader expanded the blame to include all of Mud Squad, imprisoning them for execution.

Later, on the planet Rattatak, Mandalore the Crusader held a series of arena games in the planets famed gladiatorial rings in preparation for the launch of their campaign to dominate the galaxy. It was there the the mercenaries who had once made up Mud Squad, with the help of the Mandalorian Partisans, finally confronted and killed Mandalore the Crusader.

Since his death, the Mandalorians have spent a great deal of time recuperating from the schism Mandalore the Crusader caused amongst the clans, as well as with the dominate factions of the galaxy. Their new leader, Mandalore the Trenchant is the first Mandalore not of the Fett line since Boba Fett held the title, although Mandalore the Crusader’s own son, another clone-son, is currently coming of age. He has yet to show any signs of his father’s instability, and is serving as an adviser to Mandalore the Trenchant, having stated that he will not take the position of Mandalore.

Mandalore the Crusader

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