Mandalore the Infinite

His Legacy is Forever


Mandalore the Infinite was the leader of the Mandalorians during the events surrounding ‘The Awakening’. Mandalore was initially hired by the Empire in Exile in an attempt to forge stronger relations between the two factions. When Kodagga the Hutt betrayed the meeting, it forced the Mandalorians into combat against the Sith, which Roan Fel hoped would galvanize them against Darth Krayt. But Mandalore the Infinite suspected Fel’s true motives, and had prepared to evacuate the current Mandalorian home base of Ordo, rather then be pulled into the ‘aruetiise’ war.

In actuality, Mandalore the Infinite was the latest in a long line of clones of Jango Fett. Mandalore was heir to a lineage of clones each progressively raised by their own clone ‘father’, each holding the title of Mandalore dating back to Boba Fett, and each had claimed the title because of their superior skill and tactical knowledge. Mandalore the Infinite was no exception, by all appearances he was a tactical genius and skilled warrior in his prime, there are few beings in existence who could match him in one-on-one combat.

During the evacuation of Ordo, Mandalore first met the Mercenary group, and provided them with weapons and supplies in exchange for defending his troops withdrawal. Impressed by their abilities, and suspicious of many of their actions, he planted tracers on several of the weapons he had provided them in order to keep an eye on them. Watching from afar, Mandalore the Infinite brought a squad of Super commando’s with him, tracking the group to Ossus, and then to Ruuria. When he discovered the group of mercenaries had been betrayed and captured, he initiated a rescue operation and in the end, personally saved the group as the Ruuria base self-destructed.

At this point, seeing the effectiveness of Force wielders fighting alongside his Super Commandos, as well as the ever increasing threat of the Sith, Mandalore the Infinite began to build the Partisan program, to develop a cadre of Force sensitive Mandalorians. The program began in earnest when Mandalore’s men saved the surviving mercenaries from near-death in the ruins of Dathomir’s Black Temple. The remaining mercenaries had lost much of their memories, and Mandalore the Infinite had them placed into the care of Captain Zim, a Sergeant commanding Mud Squad, who would see them indoctrinated into the Mando’a. Unfortanetly, Mandalore the Infinite would never see his Partisan’s in action, as he was murdered by the Traitor Swindle, under contract by the Cult of Illviii. His ‘son’ would go on to become Mandalore the Crusader, driven into madness by grief to avenge his father.

Mandalore the Infinite

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