Mandalorian Assassin

Blows Up Good


The Mandalorian Assassin was one of the soldiers stationed to Dathomir some time after the battle of the Black Temple. He was in the group assigned to protect the tombs from any invaders, until the arrival of the Hunters of the Noble Rose arrived. While the rest of his squad returned to their bases, this Assassin volunteered to accompany the Hunters into the Black Temple and beyond.

Aboard the Black Sun’s Asteroid Base, the Mandalorian Assassin fought on against the seemingly invincible Flasks, one of the Dark Hunters. When the group began to run low on options, he detonated his last resort, pulling all the pins of his high-yield grenades at point blank range to annihilate Flasks. While this explosion took his life, it failed to destroy Flasks, but incapacitated the Dark Hunter greatly, contributing substantially to his eventual destruction.

Mandalorian Assassin

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