Black Sun Underlord


Defense 18, Attack +11, Damage 10
Known Powers: Double Attack, Twin Attack, Melee Reach 2, Resources of Black Sun.


Nah’Savos was an extremely deadly Yuuzhan Vong warrior who made a name for himself in the Underworld of Black Sun for his extremely violent tendencies and unusually calculating mind. Overcoming his races natural hatred of technology, Nah’Savos became a very lucrative member of the Black Sun, eventually climbing to the top position of the criminal organization as the Underlord. He was a feared master, and while not as efficient as more famous Underlords such as Prince Xizor, few would challenge his rule.

The one being who did challenge him was one of his Vigo’s, Dro Artos who desired the position of Underlord for himself. To that end, Dro Artos made a deal with the Cult of Illviii which promised him they would orchestrate the demise of Nah’Savos and the ascension of Dro Artos to his position.

As Dro Artos began to suspect the Cult of Illviii had betrayed him, he took advantage of the situation amongst the Mandalorians, seeding the idea of Black Suns involvement in the death of Mandalore the Infinite, and leading a squad of commando’s to Iego, where Nah’Savos maintained an underground mansion-like base in which he and several loyal Vigo’s were holding court. Nah’Savos was killed in the following battle, and Dro Artos took the insignia of his rank to prove that he was the one responsible. After this bloody coup, Dro Artos would consolidate power within the organization and would himself take the position of Underlord.


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