The Dark Side


The name spoken by the mysterious Force user encountered on the Veragassi Asteroid Belt, it is apparently an unknown creature of some prophecy. First discovered by ODIN in an desecrated temple ruin, the name was spoken of in a fearful tone, as a creature of untold power and destruction. Whoever freed the Noctis would have untold power, but as for who, or what, the Noctis actually is, there was no information.

According to the Seer, it is a voice in his head, or at least, an impulse, hurting him when he disobeys its compulsions. He, the Augur, and the Pontifex are, according to the Seer, the Chosen, the three heralds of It’s return, although in the end, only one of the three will be strong enough to harness it’s power for themselves. The Seer‘s descriptions of the thing are vague, just feeling and flashes of images showing him where to go or what to do, barely comprehensible. But if someone were to harness it’s immense power, they would be an unstoppable engine of Dark Side power.

A creature spawned of the Dark Side, it was given existence, or perhaps pulled from some other plane, by Lord Soror, who forged the three Stars of Noctis to coalesce the essence of the Dark Side into a single point of power he could tap into and conquer. What he created was an entity of hunger and darkness, seeking to devour everything, both the physical forms, and the Force essence. It seeks strong Force users to house its form, and consumes them. Individuals so possessed may initially notice increased emotions, especially rage, jealousy, and fear in early stages, but eventually it leads to a complete loss of the personality, as it is devoured by the Noctis, and it takes complete control. However, this swiftly burns out the body as only an extremely strong Force user can withstand its presence indefinitely.

It possessed Lord Soror, who used it’s strength to begin to conquer planets in the outer rim, expanding his Empire. However, when confronted by two jedi, the Noctis allowed Lord Soror to die so that it could find a new host. It sensed the raw power and the hidden darkness within the Jedi Padawan Nalu. It possessed her and whispered doubts and jealousies into her heart, slowly corrupting her. At last, she embraced these feelings, and the Noctis seized control. However, the Noctis was not strong enough to defeat Celista, after Nalu was defeated, it attempted to latch onto Celista, but she was able to seal it between dimensions inside the rift from which it initially emerged. Trapped in this status between worlds, over the past thousand years, it has slowly been breaking the seal, leaking out, fragments of itself attached to it’s ‘servants’, force users born in Wild Space with appropriate Dark emotions, who hear Its call, and strive for its freedom.

Shard of the Noctis

A being with some knowledge of the Noctis has recently appeared, and in his confrontation with the Hunters of the Noble Rose, he created a horrific creature which literally consumed the life-force of the Yuzzem Captain Dannoos, as well as most every other remaining occupant of the Veragassi Asteroid Belt, before it was dispersed by the Hunters in combat.

It was vaguely humanoid, but possessed no real features, instead only appearing as a semi-solid shadow that phased in and out of existence. Apparently a creature of pure Dark Side energy, it had difficulty perceiving and attacking the Yuuzhan Vong warrior Rusong Lah, and was seemingly attracted to the jedi Raxar Kun. When defeated, the creature faded away, the solid portions of its form dissolving into dust.

Coalescence of the Noctis

Deep within the Temple of Passing, a temple designed to house the remains of the Lord Soror, another piece of the Noctis awoke when the Dark Lord’s remains were disturbed. Like the Shard of the Noctis before it, this one seemed shaped similarly, but had a more definitive form, more solid, and more powerful, but still lacking any defining features. Just as the Shard of Noctis did, upon its defeat it simply dissolved into dust, fading into the shadows of the temple.

Within the Pontifex

The power of the Noctis within the Pontifex manifested as a dark shadow which shrouded him, acting as both a shield and a weapon, as the shadow thrashed out at enemies at the Pontifex‘s command. Much like the Noctis, the shadow seemed to drain it’s host, requiring the Pontifex to ‘feed’ it, allowing the shadow to devour prisoners, most especially force sensitives, which the Pontifex had chained within his fortress. In the end, the essence of the Noctis dwelling within the Pontifex was set free upon his death at the hands of the Augur, and she has since taken its strength into herself, combining with whatever piece of the Noctis may be infecting and influencing her, and effectively doubling her strength.

Vergence of the Noctis

Within the Temple of Serenity, some one left a piece of the Noctis within a dark binding in place of one of the Stars of Noctis. This version of the Noctis was larger, more solid, and was attempting to find a new host, pulling itself around the Hunters of the Noble Rose in an attempt to infect them somehow, granting them strength, but placing them into a rage which caused them to lash out at everyone around them. Lieutenant Martell fell victim to this infiltration until he was knocked unconscious by Kith’ruin’du, ending the Noctis’ influence over him.

Visage of the Noctis

Below The Vault, the Augur slaughtered many of the political prisoners, monstrous killers, and unique creatures which ODIN had kept locked away. The walls coated with blood, she had placed a piece of the Noctis there, allowing it to feed upon the blood, creating a massive form of the Noctis which covered the entire wall, floor, and ceiling of The Vault. The creature lashed out in multiple strikes, retaliating against the Hunters of the Noble Rose in kind for the damage they did to it. As it succumbed to the damage done to it, the blood dissolved into dust, fading away…

Within the Seer

The power of the Noctis within the Seer manifested as the ability to cloak himself in shadows, making him disappear into the darkness, as well as his ability to make manifest shadow duplicates of himself. While the Seer never engaged the Hunters of the Noble Rose in combat, he was forced to fight the Augur. In the end of that battle, the Seer fell, and the essence of the Noctis dwelling within him entered into the Augur, placing the power of all three substantial pieces of the Noctis at her command as she headed to Corcin to free its full strength.


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