Pangzel Cur

Vong Insurgent


HP 120, Def 19, Attack 10, Dmg 2d84
Melee Attack;
Plaeryon Bol (Use immediately bloodied +14 – Adjacent target takes 4d10 damage, save 1/2’s.);
Blade Burst (Standard; Encounter; Close Burst 3; +12 Attack, Target hit take 3d6 damage and 5 ongoing damage (Save ends).)


Pangzel Cur is a Yuuzhan Vong warrior veteran of the Great war. After the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong, Pangzel surrendered to the mercy of the Jedi, and afterwards, disappeared, rather then returning to Zonoma Sekot. During this time, Pangzel Cur carefully hid himself, praying to his gods for a purpose and creating a series of ‘hatcheries’ for various Yuuzhan Vong weapons. The answers to his prayers finally came when the Sith attacked the Jedi Temple of Ossus.

Gathering up Yuuzhan Vong eager for battle, Pangzel Cur believed he would serve the Yuuzhan Vong god of War in this new universe by battling the enemies of the Jedi, the Sith. He built an army, and began raiding Sith encampments, resulting in a bounty placed on his head. The Sith placed the bounty anonymously, painting Pangzel Cur as a butcher and terrorist, but Pangzel fought to uphold the Jedi code, and selected only Sith targets for his raids.

When the Hunters of the Noble Rose came to collect the bounty, they arrived in the midst of a battle between the warrior and the Sith, and through the persuasion of Rusong Lah, fought alongside the Yuuzhan Vong to defeat the Sith. Rusong Lah remains in contact with Pangzel Cur who is growing special weapons for the Hunter, and working to obtain hard to acquire Vong bioweapons.

Pangzel Cur

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