Par Kigan

The Mighty Moffarch


HP 150, Def 21, Attack 11, Damage 2d65 Crit 18.

Flight Speed 8; Hover;

Dart Storm (Standard, Recharge 6, Close Burst 1, 8 Attack, 4d46 Damage)

Burst Grenade (Encounter, Standard, Area Burst 1 within 10 squares. +13 attack, 2d8 Damage and targets are dazed, save ends.)

Twin Beams (Use when bloodied, Creates two beams fired from projectors in his shoulders. These beams are permanent, and move independently at the Moff’s command, speed 3. Any being through which the beams move is subject to an attack, +10 attack, 2d6 damage.


The power mad Moff of the planet Rintonne, Par Kigan maintained a small fortune building up a massive fortress on his world, but had remained relatively harmless, if a bit eccentric, as a Moff of the Fel Empire.

However, after receiving a massive array of advanced weapons from the Dark Hunters,Par Kigan armed himself up and declared the system to the Sith Empire, having pledged allegiance to the Sith in exchange for making himself Monarch of the planet. At this point, he began rounding up political dissidents in order to practice his new weapons upon, unknowingly creating a massive resistance movement against him which arranged for a Bounty to be placed on his head on behalf of the people by the Fel Empire.

Par Kigan had spent a considerable amount of his wealth in a recent transaction to Boz Pity, paying the Dark Hunters for additional weapons shipments. However, he would not get those weapons in time to save him from a full-fledged insurrection. The final battle of the rebellion was implemented by the Hunters of the Noble Rose, who used the chaos to attack Par Kigan directly without the aid of his army, the Hunters killed him and claimed the bounty placed on his head.

Par Kigan

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