Shadow of Darkness


Little is yet known about this mysterious individual. In appearance, he is relatively tall and thin, wearing armor that is ill-suited to him. It would almost appear comical if not for the fact that he exudes a great darkness from his very presence, so great that it can actually cause physical pain to be around him, even for non-Force Users. His eyes seem to flicker in and out of focus.

His only known goal is an artifact he expects to be found in the ruins recently discovered by the Pirates of the Veragassi Asteroid Belt. But when the pirate’s demanded more money for the information leading to the artifact site, he demanded to see the Captain.

Murdering several guards on his way to the bridge, he confronted the Captain and demanded the coordinates. The Captain refused, and the man was prepared to kill him when the Hunters of the Noble Rose arrived to do just that. Initially, he intended to depart and let the Hunters kill the captain for him, but when they confronted him, he assaulted the Captain, creating a Shard of some entity known as the Noctis to combat the Hunters, and departed the Asteroid.

The Pontifex was pragmatic, but power-hungry. His driving emotion was that of jealousy, and greed. He acted as a Hoarder, amassing wealth and trophies which he was loathe to part with. The Pontifex had already begun to make plans for when he gained the powers of the Noctis, plans to conquer the galaxy and unite it under his rule. To that end, he was gathering allies within wild space, including the exiled Sith Lady Darth Sley, and the rogue Mandalorian splinter group Death Watch, lead by the Vizsla. His base of operations was an obnoxiously obvious fortress, he clearly wanted to be seen, and feared. The Seer had made ample notes of his base and its security systems, and provided them to the Hunters of the Noble Rose, allowing them to infiltrate the fortress and assassinate the Pontifex’s allies within.

The Seer was unable, however, to distract the Pontifex’s attention away from his base, for he arrived to cut off the Hunter’s escape. His command over his monstrous shadow enabled him to shield himself to all damage, so long as his shadow had a life source upon which to feed. Four hosts, force-users chained within small cells in the Pontifex’s command room, were linked to the Pontifex by the hungry shadow which he controlled. As the Hunters severed his links to these poor beings, the same voice which was heard emanating from Noctis creatures echoed from his form, stating that the time had come for the weakness to be purged.

As if on queue, the Augur smashed into the Pontifex’s fortress and began to engage him in combat. As the Hunters fled the battle between these two titanic foes, the Augur gained the upper hand, murdering the Pontifex, and absorbing his power, for she was next seen exhibiting the same powers the Pontifex had once wielded, the living shadows surrounding her figure.


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