The only Sane man in a Crazy World


The Seer is an unknown quantity to the group. He appeared within the Temple of Passing, After saving Rusong Lah from one of the temple’s traps, he guided them safely through one of its rooms, helping them disable the trap. He quickly began questioning Rusong Lah and Troika Nobrose if they were listening to ‘It’. As Rusong Lah played along, the Seer rambled about the voice in his head, the one that had ordered him to come to this place, the one that urged him to do terrible things, the voice which terrified him, and he did everything in his power to block out.

A deal was struck between Rusong Lah and the Seer, he told them of the two others like him, one of which, the Augur was nearby, but who he could not confront. If they could eliminate or chase her off, then the Seer would tell them all he could. As he disappeared into the shadows, he let them know, should they live, he would meet with them again deeper into the temple. If they would help, he would guide the group to help him prevent his ‘master’ from ever becoming free.

At the bottom of the Temple of Passing, the Hunters discovered the Star of the Noctis, and after being warned of its danger, they gave the artifact to the Seer, who carefully placed it into a compartment on his belt. He has agreed to meet with them and provide the group the plans, codes, and everything else necessary to sabotage the Pontifex’s base, in order to assure that the Augur will attack and kill him. If he is the last of the three Chosen by the Noctis, then he can use the three Stars to seal it away completely.

Currently, the Seer is being held by ODIN at a secure location. After Revan interrogated the Seer, ascertaining his truthfulness in regards to his desire to rid himself of the Noctis and seal it away. As such, he has been allowed relatively open access to the ODIN base, but is still under guard by some of Revan’s specially trained soldiers.

With the death of the Pontifex, the Seer insisted the Hunters must move against the Augur immediately, becoming incensed when the Hunters refused, instead choosing to pursue more knowledge on the Noctis in the Temple of Eternity. A growing distrust of the Seer, as influenced by the Holocron of the Jedi Master Celista, has driven the Hunters away from his advice, fearing that even if his intentions are true, the taint of the Noctis will turn him against them in the end.

When the Seer was attacked during the Siege against The Vault by the Augur, the Hunters remained unsure of his motives and whether he could be trusted. While Kith’ruin’du attempted to arrange for both the Seer and the Augur to be killed, the parties indecisiveness and division only allowed the Augur to succeed in killing the Seer, and taking with her the two Star of the Noctis he held in his possession.


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