3rd of the Cult


Defense 20, Attack +9, Damage 20
Know Powers: Melee Attack, Twin Attack, Dual Activation, Damage Resist 10, Force Resistant
Judgement of Shioshi, Judgement of the Cult, Judgement of Illviii, Irresistable Attacks.


Shioshi was a battle droid member of the Cult of Illviii. He represented himself as the Judge of the Empire of the Hand, and acted towards the goals of that organization in public. In secret, Shioshi was working with his companions, the other Cult droids Grez and Lekad, to discover the location of Darth Revan, who had long ago disappeared.

Shioshi interacted with others under the guise of a common Bodyguard droid. As such, he was ofter overlooked or unnoticed, which suited the Droid’s purpose. On the rare occasions when Shioshi was forced to drop his holographic disguise, his appearance was a sleek humanoid droid obviously built for combat. Shioshi was a master swordsman, preferring to wield two Lightsaber’s in a Jar’kai style.

Shioshi was initially assigned by the Empire of the Hand to hunt for a powerful individual who had been drawing the organizations attention, known as The Master. The Droid’s primary lead was tied to a group of mercenaries from the luxury yacht the Bright Bauble. Without revealing its true identity, Shioshi accompanied the party throughout a number of missions both for, and against the Master. During the events of The Awakening, Shioshi dropped his disguise and engaged Nom Anor within the Black Temple, not expecting that this combat would also fulfill his ultimate objective, for it was during this battle that the mercenaries would thaw out the carbonite frozen Revan from his four thousand years of hibernation. The power unleashed in this battle destroyed the body of Shioshi, but his main processor brain was recovered by the Empire of the Hand, and his body reconstructed by the Cult of Illviii.

Shioshi would reappear during the summit between Thrawn and Revan, where he was accompanying Thrawn‘s delegation as a physical ambassador. However, the purpose of Shioshi’s presence for the Cult was to determine the truth of Revan’s identity, and upon verifying it, signaled the other Droids of the Cult of Illviii to begin their final plans. Shioshi would not see those plans enacted, as he was finally destroyed by the mercenary party at the site of the summit. As his body fell, destroyed, the group made sure this time to destroy his computer brain to ensure he did not return in a third body.

Despite this, someone has recently begun creating a mass production copy of Shioshi. Three of these mass production Droids engaged the Hunters of the Noble Rose on the planet Kalee, apparently hunting them. Meanwhile, several of the Hunters previous contacts were assassinated, and it is believed that it was by these same Droids.


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