Mental Assassin


HP 300, Def 17, Attack 11, Damage 1d104
Known Powers, Sniper; Accurate Shot; Double Attack; Stealth; Melee Damage +6;
Leap/Climb: (Staves can leap the entirety of his move and land on walls.)
Force Domination: (Standard: Attack +9; on a hit, target is dominated; Save Ends.)


Staves is a Cha’a who specializes in assassination, maintaining a wide degree of weapons for precision murders, he serves as the second-in-command of the Dark Hunters. While his skills with a sniper rifle are dangerous, perhaps more so is his control of the Force and his skill in the mental manipulation of others. He will often take control of targets and force them to fight his battles for him.

The Hunters of the Noble Rose first encountered Staves on Ruuria where he watched as the group fumbled through an attempt at negotiations with their leader, Sabers. But he was first engaged by the group while they attempted to kill a Black Sun Vigo who was based in a Cantina with his henchmen. As the bar around them burst into flames, Staves actively avoided direct combat, firing at the group from atop the Cantina’s private upper level. When the group fled after killing the Vigo, Staves did not pursue.

At the Black Sun Asteroid Base, Staves worked with the full force of the Dark Hunters in their attempt to kill the Jedi Raxar Kun. When their attacks appeared to succeed, Sabers ordered Staves to set the bases self-destruct, before escaping aboard the Dark Hunters ship, the Demise.

Following the death of Sabers, Staves was revealed to have been in contact with Kith’ruin’du as a leak within the Dark Hunters. Desiring to leave the organization, Staves has provided the Hunters of the Noble Rose with detailed information regarding the Dark Hunters various operations. In exchange for this information, Staves was given property and money on Thyferra, where he ran a profitable bacta ‘farm’. While only wishing anonymity, Staves was forced to fight again when mysterious Droid assassins attacked him, but with the help of the Hunters of the Noble Rose, he survived. His farm undertook serious damage, however, and with his whereabouts apparently known by whatever enemy is after him, it is unknown what Staves plans to do next.


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