Tee-id Crilay

Jedi Master


HP 120, Def 22, Attack +10, Damage 2d10
Known Powers: Melee Attack, Double Attack, Force Heal


Jedi Master Tee-id Crilay was sent to the planet Ruuria by the Jedi Council in response to the Sith’s sudden interest in the world’s jungle. While he and his Padawan Do-Gol Maguir discovered a series of ruins in the jungle, with a hidden passage leading into a nearby spaceport.

Tee-id met with the escaped slaves who would become the Bounty Hunters of the Noble Rose while doing battle with an Acklay beast. They assisted the Master, and he supplied them with some basic healing supplies in exchange for the help in exchange for a pair of Speeder Bikes the group had stolen from the Sith base.

Tee-id sent his padawan Do-Gol Maguir into the tunnels with the slaves to lead them into town, but as he felt a disturbing spike in Dark Side energy, he rushed back to the group, only to discover his padawan dead. While he initially accused the group of doing so, they argued their innocence, claiming he had gone insane and attacked them, only to be destroyed by a Sith Holocron. But, disturbingly, Tee-id was unable to even perceive the Holocron. He was however able to sense the truth to their words, and unable to justify killing the group, he allowed them to go, returning back to the Jedi Council to mourn his padawan and report on these mysterious incidents.

Tee-id Crilay

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