The Jester

Thas Flod


Thas Flod, most commonly referred to as The Jester, was wanted for rigging the deck in a high-stakes Sabaac game. The problem with cheating in this particular game was that the Hutts had rigged it themselves, meaning Thas changed the game to award him instead of the house. Thas fled Nar Shaada to avoid the Hutt’s wrath, seeking asylum with Black Sun, he began hiding out on Corellia.

The Jester sat in the back of one of Black Sun’s Corellian holdings, where the Underlord of Black Sun had promised to protect him after The Jester paid a substantial protection fee. But the Bounty Hunters of the Noble Rose made The Jester their first intended target in their careers as Bounty Hunters, and negotiated with The Jester, convincing him they had in fact come to escort him to a new safe house. These negotiations were highly successful, and made more so with the appearance of Coins, who appeared to be there not so much to collect on the bounty as he was there to attack the crew of the Noble Rose.

The Jester fled in panic along with the Hunters, and was flown to safety aboard their ship, only to be delivered to Aljool the Hutt in exchange for the collection of his bounty, Alive.

The Jester

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