Underlord Duepos

Big Fake of Black Sun


Underlord Duepos was the leader of Black Sun following the death of Dro Artos at the Mohc Corporation. Unlike his predecessor’s bloody coup, Duepos took the reins of Black Sun with almost no resistance, and quickly took control of every aspect of the organization. Duepos operated from an Asteroid Base and met with almost no one in person, preferring holographic communication. Physically, Duepos was not intimidating, he was scarred, burnt, completely attached to various life-support systems, and barely able to move, but he possessed a powerful intellect and very effectively controlled Black Sun.

The truth was far more devious however, as Duepos was actually a construct, not truly alive or in charge, nothing but a puppet manipulated by Sabers, who was the actual power behind the Underlord. Duepos had been used to contact the Hunters of the Noble Rose to contract them to hunt down a mysterious Jedi, Raxar Kun. His entire existence was primarily to contrive the reemergence of Nom Anor, a threat which Sabers believed that Raxar Kun could not ignore. When the trap was finally sprung and Duepos was revealed as a false entity, he met a violent end at the hands of the Hunters.

Underlord Duepos

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