Vigo Gar Delos

Unprofitable Vigo


HP 80, Def 20, Attack 11, Dmg – 1d84
Freeze Grenades; (Standard; Range 10; burst 1;9 attack,2d8 damage; targets are immobilized.)
Cloud of Daggers; (Standard: Area burst 2; +7 against all enemies in burst, damage 1d6
Combat Advantage; (Deals an additional 1d6 damage against targets he has combat advantage.)
Ranged Advantage; (Gar Delos gains combat advantage against characters who are flanked.)


Gar Delos was the unprofitable, unsuccessful Smuggler Lord serving Black Sun. At one point, Gar Delos was a highly competitive and powerful Smuggler, who climbed his way to the top of Black Sun’s ladder, eventually developing a massive network of Smuggler’s. But Gar Delos was not as effective as an administrator as he had been in doing the work himself, and his position within Black Sun eventually made him go soft, rarely leaving his personal base, he grew lazy and worst of all in the eyes of Black Sun, unprofitable.

When Underlord Duepos needed an easy target for the Hunters of the Noble Rose to establish themselves as enemies of Black Sun, Vigo Gar Delos was an easy pick. Holed up in his base, Gar Delos assumed that he was safe, meeting with a powerful member of the Dark Hunters, that even his lack of profit wouldn’t stop him. But he didn’t count on the Hunters of the Noble Rose at first smashing into his base, and then cutting him down with a speeder. Gar Delos died in the impact, crushed by the speeder.

Vigo Gar Delos

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