Vigo Perizo

Slaver, Black Sun Vigo, and Kind of a Dick


HP 60, Def 17, Attack 9, Damage – 1d8
Blinding Grenade: (Standard, Close Burst 1: +9 attack, 1d6
2 damage and targets are blinded, save ends.)
Shields 1d6: (Prevent 1d6 of damage whenever Perizo is hit.)


Vigo Perizo was one of the most corrupt and evil members of Black Sun, and as such, one of the most profitable. Based on the water world Sedri, this Trandoshan Vigo was a corpulent, unpleasant individual who looked at everyone as exploitable. When he discovered that the government of Sedri had been secretly taking in Mon Calamari refugees, Vigo Perizo saw it as a golden opportunity to extort protection money from them, or he threatened to report the refugees presence to the Sith. To compound his crime, he also arranged for many of the Mon Calamari to be captured, and began selling them into slavery.

His incredibly cocky attitude and air of invulnerability made him intensely dislikeable, forcing Perizo to create his own bodyguard, a massive Quarren who Perizo ensured was addicted to several stims which only he could provide. When the Bounty Hunters of the Noble Rose stormed his citadel, Perizo watched from afar, mocking them with a choice of freeing the slaves and allowing him to escape, or to attempt to confront him, and let the slaves die. The Hunters, unwilling to accept this scenario, bombed open both doors, successfully freeing the slaves, but they only found the corpse of Vigo Perizo within his chambers, his Quarren bodyguard already cut down. The Vigo met his end without fanfare at the hands of a Jedi who had been working to sabotage Black Sun. The Noble Rose‘s crew turned in Vigo Perizo’s head to collect the bounty, ending his rule over the planet’s government.

Vigo Perizo

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