The Purifier


A former Mandalorian, Thrash was a devout follower of Mandalore the Crusader, and believed the galaxy was to be the Mando’s for the taking. He did little to conceal his hatred for Mandalore the Trenchant, but his skills made him too valuable, and he was one of the few elite soldiers who pioneered the Mandalorian Assassin project. Then, he left the Mando’s, disappearing. He has only just reemerged, with a faction of dissidents who claim to be resurrecting the Death Watch, and naming himself their leader, with the rank of the Vizsla, in a perversion of the Mandalorian tradition of taking the name Mandalore, Thrash calls himself Vizsla the Purifier. He has begun negotiations with the Pontifex to unite his forces, especially if it means a strike against Mandalore the Trenchant’s forces.

As a former Mandalorian Assassin, Vizsla engaged in melee combat, typically using a vicious rush where-in he brought down both bladed gauntlets into his opponents, forcing them into the surrounding pools of acid, which his own armor was treated to resist. In addition, the Vizsla had a powerful flame-thrower, and showed little fear in using it at close range. Despite his formidable arsenal and skill, when confronting the Hunters of the Noble Rose, Vizsla the Purifier was defeated, and in his last breath, used the kamikaze self-detonation method by which the Mandalorian Assassins were meant to use as a last result. This detonation nearly took out the Hunters, but they were able to escape before he exploded, saving their companions, and eliminating the threat of Death Watch’s alliance to the Pontifex.


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