A Pony

Lieutenant Martell has proposed the theory that the Noctis is in fact, a Pony, and while that’s not actually likely, there’s always a chance that it could be, so let’s make this article entry about it just in case.

If it is a Pony, the Noctis will be a deadly and powerful Pony, likely of the type known as an Alicorn, which possesses both Pegasus Wings and a Unicorn Horn, enabling it to both fly and use magic (ie: The Force). These types of ponies are renowned for their extended life-spans of at least several thousand years, and a larger then average size. Their power ranges much greater then the average unicorn, enabling them to perform miraculous feats that others may consider impossible, including physically moving celestial objects such as stars and moons.

While the average pony subsists on a diet of plants and baked goods, the Noctis appears to consume life energy. Most ponies don’t do that.

Most ponies also have a friendly and kind demeanor. While exceptions to this exist, the extreme violence and raw hatred emitted by the Noctis through the Force is well beyond what a normal pony, or even any other sentient, could emotionally sustain.

A Pony

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