Cult of Illviii

The Cult of Illviii was a mysterious triumvirate of three ancient Droids uncovered by the Empire of the Hand. The Droids that constituted the Cult of Illviii were Shioshi, Grez, and Lekad.

The Cult had been active within the Outer Rim for over a thousand years, pursuing some unknown agenda. When they were first encountered, the Empire of the Hand placed the three droids into seclusion, and the droids agreed, claiming they desired a purpose. Eventually, the Empire of the Hand determined the Droids were trustworthy, and gave them purpose as agents within the Outer Rim. The three Droids often worked towards an objective set by the Empire of the Hand alone, and while they were routinely tracked at first, they achieved missions with such a high success rate and for such a long period of time, they were eventually allowed free reign. While working for the Empire of the Hand, the three Droids often referred to themselves as individually the Judge, Jury, and Executioner of organization, these roles claimed by Shioshi, Grez, and Lekad respectively.

In actuality, this had been the plan of The Cult all along. The three Droids had initially been constructed by the ancient assassination droid HK-47 to function as his will among the galaxy. Their true mission was to discover the fate of HK-47‘s master, Darth Revan and if possible, kill him. This would free HK-47 from his original programming and allow him to at last implement his final solution to exterminate all organic life in the galaxy. The three Droids were designed to represent the three aspects of HK-47’s primary programming, Shioshi representing cold logic and precision, Grez representing destruction and chaos, and Lekad representing his hatred.

The Cult was finally defeated through a series of battles against the Empire of the Hand and its mercenaries, many of whom the Cult had been manipulating towards completing their goal. Shioshi was destroyed after the attack on Revan when the Cult finally revealed its true intentions. Grez met his end during the battle of Skora, and Lekad was destroyed within the heart of the rebuilt Star Forge. The true leader of the Cult, HK-47, had inserted his programming into the main computer of the Star Forge itself, and he was completely destroyed along with the Station itself thanks to the efforts of the mercenary group working with the Empire of the Hand.

Cult of Illviii

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