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The Cult Trilogy

Against The Master

1. Easy Money
2. Dark Iron Diplomacy
3. Ruins of Ossus
4. Base Defense
5. Destiny on Dathomir
6. The Black Temple

Serving Mandalore

1. Return to Hell
2. Off With Their Heads
3. Assault on Imperial Precinct 13
4. Swindled
5. Death and Rebirth

The Hand of the Cult

1. Mandalore, Handle Him!
2. The Heights of Power
3. Sands of Time
4. It Begins
5. The Siege of Skora
6. The End of All Things

The Crew of the Noble Rose

Making a Name

1. We Have Got to Get out of this Place
2. Flight of the Noble Rose
3. The Jester is Never Right
4. Wheel in the Sky
5. Arena Season
6. Homecoming

Deal with the Devil

1. Make with the Murder
2. Freeing Slaves for Fun and Profit
3. The Blackest Sun
4. Dathomir Redux
5. The Curtain Falls

The Pursuit of Atonement

1. Between a Vong and a Hard Place
2. Tunnels of a Thousand Corpses
3. The Mighty Moff Kigan
4. What a (Boz) Pity
5. No Seriously, its Not a Trap
6. Flipping Coins

Hunters and the Hunted

1. Hadrod Collider
2. Loose Ends
3. The Anvil Will Fall
4. Fire and Shadow
5. Rage in the Dark

In the Service of ODIN (In Progess)

Plundering Pirates

1a. Back to Basics
1b. Heading Deeper
1c. Spawn of Darkness

Raiders of the Lost Temple

2a. Desert With No Name
2b. To Grasp the Stars

Set Him Up the Bomb

3a. Assault on Midnight Castle
3b. The Shattered Halls

The Temple of Light

4a. The Everfree Forest
4b. A Light Amidst The Dark

The Seer’s Retreat

5a. Siege Against the Seer
5b. The Vault

The Noctis

6. The Noctis

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