Noble Rose

The Noble Rose is the latest name given to a long storied ship. A heavily modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 stock light freighter, the ship is ancient, having been repaired and rebuilt so many times that it is doubtful any of the factory original parts still remain. The ship is painted a blue in color, with a single white stripe across the side panels. Throughout its adventures, the crew has discovered the ship features a deploying belly turret, multiple faked transponder codes, hidden smuggler compartments, and somehow, enough room to fit seventeen people and an AT-ST. The ship is clearly bigger on the inside.

The ship that would become the Noble Rose was first encountered on Ruuria during the former-slaves escape from the Sith Base there. These fighters found the ship in the cities spaceport, where it was already being broken into by an odd pilot named Jarn Organa. The party covered Jarn while he hacked into the ships considerable security features, and eventually they escaped Ruuria in it.

The ships name came from an amalgamation of the first two proposed names, Jarn Organa wanted to name the ship the Noble Traveler, while another member of the crew proposed the Blue Rose. Lieutenant Martell suggested the compromise, combining the two names into the Noble Rose. As Bounty Hunters, they have become collectively known as the Hunters of the Noble Rose.

Jarn Organa has also taken an immense liking to the ship, and begun making his own modifications to the ship, with mixed results. He sees the ship as the last of its kind like himself, and in all likelihood it is the truth. Despite generous offers, he refuses to sell the ship. His belief has been further strengthened by the ships malfunctions seemingly coinciding with his decision to abandon the rest of the group out of fear, causing him to return to save the group in a nick-of-time rescue from the Black Sun Asteroid Base. Recently, Jarn has been meditating in the ship’s engine room, letting himself connect more deeply to the force while performing repairs.

During the second battle of Sedri, the Octavis Personal Assault Armor which the Hunters had stolen from the Bound Anvil was remotely activated by Swindle. Upon activation, it launched its internal missiles directly into the engines of the Noble Rose from within the ship, blasting its way out, and destroying the aft of the ship in its entirety. All crew aboard were killed in the explosion and following impact, which would have been a tragedy, but none had been aboard. Suspecting a trap, the master tactician of ODIN, Revan, had instructed Jarn Organa to evacuate the ship along with Noble Squad after the drop-off on Sedri. While Jarn Organa bemoans the destruction of the ship, ODIN has sworn to have it repaired, a task which Jarn Organa is personally overseeing to make sure the ship is reconstructed as exactly as possible.

Noble Rose

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