Sedri was a water planet in the system of the same name. It was the homeworld of the Sedrians and the Golden Sun, a living coral used as a power source. The planet had long been an ally of the New Republic, and after the rise of the Sith Empire, chose to remain relatively anonymous. The planet is also famously known as the home of the Sedriaxian Shark.

But, as with many other worlds, Sedri could not ignore the plight of the Mon Calamari, choosing to secretly take in refugees when Darth Krayt announced his planned genocide of the species. Sedri had many Mon Calamari technicians and scientists kept safe and hidden, but their biggest threat was one from within, the Black Sun Vigo Perizo had established his home base on Sedri, and upon learning of the Mon Calamari’s presence, decided it as a golden opportunity to extort protection money from the local government, or he would report the refugees to the Sith. At the same time, he was capturing the Mon Calamari and selling them as slaves.

The planet was freed form Vigo Perizo by the Hunters of the Noble Rose, who successfully freed the slaves within the Vigo’s fortress, and collected the bounty on his head. Because of their surprisingly selfless actions during the battle, the government of Sedri and the Mon Calamari they saved have hailed the Bounty Hunters as heroes, and have made their services available to repair the Noble Rose or whatever other mechanical tasks the team may require.

After some time of peace, the location of the Mon Calamari hiding on Sedri was revealed to the Sith by some source, and the Sith replied in force. Assaulting the planet, the Sith blockaded the planet and sent several Sith Lords down, led by Darth Ignix and Darth Adesh, to purge the planet of the refugees. Although the Hunters of the Noble Rose arrived in time to stop the Sith and save the refugees, the truth of the matter was an elaborate set-up by Swindle to draw the Hunters to him. Upon springing his trap the Mon Calamari refugees were slaughtered, the Hunter Lieutenant Martell fell to his death, while the other hunters were defeated and captured by Swindle.


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