The planet of Skora has long been an unknown world, far from any relevant hyperspace lanes, it was recording in the archives of the Empire of the Hand as wholly uninhabited, lacking any useful natural resources, and of no strategic value.

Unfortunately, the truth behind this planet had long been hidden by the Cult of Illviii, who had worked within the Empire of the Hand to disguise the truth about the world they had chosen to be their base.

From initial surveys before the attack launched against this world, the entire planet appeared to be made up of very rich veins of metal which the Cult had mined and built into factories. The surface factories were producing war droids in massive quantities, massive volcanic fissures in the planet were in actuality huge smelting facilities. At the north pole of the planet existed a massive shield generator atop an array of communications systems.

But the horrible truth of Skora was that the planet had been completely stripped of its resources and hollowed, as the entire planet was converted into a massive Star Forge station. During the Battle of Skora, large pieces of the planets crust were destroyed, revealing the massive station that had been constructed over the course of a thousand years of work by the Cult and their true master, the droid HK-47. With the destruction of the Star Forge at the end of the battle, the planet Skora ceased to exist as anything other then a small asteroid field.


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