Stars of Noctis

These fist sized crystalline orbs seem to resemble Holocron’s in their basic construction, but have no clear way to open or activate them, even through the Force.

There are 3 Stars, The Augur has retrieved one, the Seer another, given to him by the Hunters of the Noble Rose. The third is still unaccounted for. According to both the Seer and the Holocron of Jedi Master Celista, should all three Stars be brought together at a particular place where the Noctis was sealed, they have the power to fully awaken, or completely seal away the Noctis.

Based on the limited contact with the star found beneath the Temple of Passing, they appear almost sentient, broadcasting raw, unfocused anger, and the Seer displayed an unusual unwillingness to let it go, even into his own pocket.

The three temples in which the Stars were initially hidden are the Temple of Serenity, the Temple of Eternity, and the Temple of Passing. Jedi Master Celista built these temples as both a hiding place for the stars, as well as a way to guide someone in the future to combat the Noctis.

Stars of Noctis

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