Temple of Serenity

The third temple believed to be tied to the Noctis. Hints at this temple’s existence were first discovered within the Temple of Passing and Temple of Eternity by ODIN, but it was not until the assault on the Pontifex’s fortress did the Hunters of the Noble Rose discover its coordinates on the planet Turask, a lush rainforest covered planet within Wild Space.

Despite the Seer’s insistence that the Hunters pursue the Augur, it was decided that the group would explore this temple, to retrieve the third Star of the Noctis, and uncover the truth behind the mystery of who or what the Noctis truly is, once and for all.

Within the temple, the Hunters found a mirror of the Trials a Padawan faces in becoming a Jedi, as well as showing the dangers of the Dark Side. Deeper down, they uncovered the Story of the Noctis, as retold by the holcron of Celista.

However, at its heart, the Temple no longer contained one of the Stars of Noctis the group hoped to find, instead, a trap spawned a horrific Vergence of the Noctis. Someone had beaten the Hunters to their goal.

Temple of Serenity

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