Vong Gambit

With a group of almost all near-humanoids, one member of the Hunters of the Noble Rose stands out as impossible to disguise, making attempts at subterfuge difficult. The Answer to this problem has become the brilliant and much lauded maneuver known as the Vong Gambit.

The Vong Gambit occurs when the other members of the team disguise themselves as soldiers for whatever organization they are attempting to infiltrate, and report that they have successfully captured a Yuuzhan Vong captive. This ideally allows them to enter the facility unsuspected of being the very Bounty Hunters with whom the Vong worked.

On two occasions, the Reverse Vong Gambit has also been implemented, in which the Yuuzhan Vong may approach with his companions in tow, claiming that he had captured them. This has worked against Yuuzhan Vong and other similar warrior races such as the Kaleesh.

One special variant was the Techno-Vong Gambit, in which the Yuuzhan Vong may attempt to pass himself off as a technological-adept Yuuzhan Vong capable of business venture. This was used to gain access to the offices of Jhorash Thurl, successfully, somehow. And again aboard the Veragassi Asteroid Belt Pirate Base, where-in it was modified to include the improvisation of one Mentally challenged Chiss, again with startling and amazing success.

Vong Gambit

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