Jedi Master


After the Battle of Ruusaan, some Jedi believed that the Sith’s influence had to be guarded against, even though they had been wiped out. Celista was a Jedi Knight who dedicated herself to exploring deep in the edges of wild space. while the Sith are extinct, she felt there are many lingering threats they created that had to be destroyed.

She and her padawan, Nalu soon came across Lord Soror, a great source of darkness who was clearly preparing for a war with the Republic. She and Nalu combated Lord Soror and defeated him. As word spread of her victory, Master Celista was hailed a hero, raised to the honorific of Master and given a seat on the Jedi Council. But eventually, her Padawn Nalu fell to the same darkness that had consumed Lord Soror. Celista was forced to fight Nalu and defeated her, finally sealing away the Noctis on the Moon of Corcin where Lord Soror had first summoned it. The Jedi Council was never informed of the existence of the Noctis, as Celista feared that should the Jedi attempt to destroy it, they would only doom themselves and the galaxy. In her grief, Celista departed from the Jedi Order, seeking seclusion. After her years of service and incredible skill, she was never officially entered into the roster of departed Jedi, instead granted the equivalent of a retirement from the Order.

In actuality, she was working to safeguard the future, as she feared the seal holding the Noctis would not last. She discovered Lord Soror’s notes and alchemic abilities describing how he summoned the thing, as well as finding the three Stars of Noctis, which whispered and taunted her unnaturally. Fearing they could be used to free the Noctis, she had three temples constructed within Wild Space, one for Lord Soror, Nalu, and herself, to hide the three Stars of Noctis. Towards the end of her life, she crafted her Holocron, hidden within one of the Temples, and worked to ensure it would protect others who sought to combat the Noctis should it ever begin to break free. Her legacy would be to light the path for whoever was to take up her mantle as defender of the galaxy from the threat that is the Noctis.


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