Joruus C'baoth

Insane Jedi Clone


Defense 14; +0 Attack; 0 Damage
Known Powers: Unlimited Force; Master of the Force 3;
Force Push 2, Force Lightning 3; Battle Meditation;


Joruus C’baoth has lived many lives. Originally a Jedi Knight, Jorus C’baoth served the Republic in the time before the Clone Wars, he was successfully cloned by the Emperor Palpatine to serve as a special Guardian, with the unforeseen consequence of his crippling insanity.

The clone, now called Joruus C’baoth, would go on to serve the original Grand Admiral Thrawn, and attempt to corrupt Luke Skywalker to the dark side before he was cut down in a duel with Mara Jade.

This clone, somehow recreated from an unknown DNA sample, was held captive in Nom Anor‘s genetics lab where he conducted multiple tests on the Force users abilities, especially tests which fed Nom Anor’s obsession with the destruction of midichlorians. When he was discovered by the mercenaries who had been captured by Nom Anor, the clone was trapped in a test chamber, helpless because of a caged ysalamiri, a force-negating reptile. He pleaded for help and freedom, and they group obliged him, only to be forced to fight the insane clone as his connection to the Force was restored, making him an unstable Force nexus fueled by clone madness and anger. In the end, the clone was destroyed by the mercenaries who had the misfortune of freeing him.

Joruus C'baoth

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