Lieutenant Martell

Still Alive


Utilizing skills honed and developed through years of tutelage under veteran Imperial weapons-masters, and a suave demeanor lifted from studying countless political holovids, this radicalized Son of the Empire fought for honor, duty, and the Emperor, Fame, Riches, and Personal Glory with his friends by default: the mercenaries, killers, liars and thieves of the Noble Rose. He fell attempting to escape capture from Swindle, after the Hunters were ambushed and captured during the Sith invasion of Sedri. He survived the battle of Sedri after being saved by Revan, and participated in the final attack against Swindle, where he save the other Hunters. (Yeah!!)


“A brilliant mind means nothing when paired with a kind heart. One who possesses both gains the advantages of neither” were the words most often repeated in the Martell household, as Admiral Jhorim Martell, known simply as Admiral Martell, sought to educate his sons in the finer points of command, politics and leadership within the re-emerging Imperial Empire.

The prestigious commander of a mid-rim fleet, sub-Admiral Martell successfully defended the sector of from a multitude of pirates, smugglers, dissidents and other disturbers of the peace, earning great fame and fortune as a decorated “Defender of Imperial Justice”

As a result of their father’s great political clout, both sons were provided the best education and training available, learning the ways of small arms combat as well as the tactics of fleet management and engagement and political interaction as their father groomed them for future leadership. The older of the two brothers, Cronis, fully accepted and pursued a life dedicated to the military might of the Empire, and with natural intelligence and his father’s leverage quickly rose through the ranks of the Imperial navy. The younger was far less enthralled by the prospects of a life spent in service to others, and thus Char-Les Martell spent his time reveling in the pomp of the aristocracy, preferring the ornate halls and intrigue of the political arena to the droning demands of military order and command. Lacking any sense of dedication to his father’s wishes or designs, his status and position stagnated for years, and the base rank of “Lieutenant” was saluted with barely concealed disgust by many.

Hoping to inspire his younger son to succeed and to instill a love for his Emperor, Admiral Martell entrusted Char-Les with a “squadron” of 3 small cruisers, and tasked him with upholding Imperial law within a small portion of sector. Cronis, now a Captain of an Imperial defensive flotilla, operated as his father’s second in command, and kept a close eye on his younger brother, still fearful “The Lieutenant” would someday soil their father’s-and his-good name.

Family dynamics within House Martell shifted drastically following the Treaty of Anaxes. Jhorim loathed the politics and fear-mongering of the Moff council, and the “complete defilement” of the Imperial government following the adoption of the Sith as allies, but having sworn to protect and serve his Emperor, grudgingly obeyed orders to lead his ships in the war against the Alliance. Seeing this opportunity to restore the Empire to it’s days of galactic dominance, Cronis fanatically embraced the war against the GA and the power the Sith, and could not come to understand his fathers reluctance to engage and destroy enemies of the Empire. Events climaxed in the days following the attempted assassination of Emperor Fel:

Following a short hyperspace jump following his regular patrol pattern, Char-Les and his small command encountered a strangely out of place convoy of two-dozen transport ships and defensive vessels leaving a small outpost planet. Though bearing Imperial insignia, the defensive vessels quickly formed into an attack formation, and Martell, suspecting sabotage by smugglers or pirates, quickly sent out a distress signal to his brother while demanding to know the nature of the convoys actions. The commander of the planet’s garrison, aboard one of the small, ancient-looking defense ships, informed him of the betrayal of the Sith, and demanded Martell either aid him in defending his troop transports or surrender. At this point Cronis, fully aware of the Sith take-over, arrived from hyperspace with his flotilla positioned between Char-Les and the transports. Despite the younger Martell’s hails, Cronis’ ships immediately opened fire on the troop transports. His brother ordered him to stand down as the garrison commander desperately called for aid, his few small defense frigates fighting desperately as the shields of the slow, cumbersome troop ships failed.

Not willing to stand by and watch his brother murder hundreds of loyal soldiers, and having little to lose in the way of reputation, The Lieutenant ordered his 3 cruisers to open fire on his brother’s capital ship; his small guns couldn’t destroy the massive hulk, but he could cause enough confusion for the transports to escape in the conflict that moments ago he never knew existed.

Many of his crew abandoned their posts immediately, their loyalty faltering along with their commander’s apparent sanity, but enough remained at their posts long enough to see their last orders through. While the younger Martell felt the bridge shudder under his feet as his small turbolasers quickly charged, blasting into the weaker aft shields that he was expected to protect, the other two cruisers remained silent, refusing to respond to hails from his sole remaining communications officer as they slowly drifted from formation.
Char-Les watched as one, two transports vanished into hyperspace, and the fleeing escape-pods of his crew were targeted and destroyed by his former cruisers as “traitors to the Empire”. Silently observing the battle before him, Martell stood alone on the bridge, unsure of what to expect. His brother’s voice barking crazily from the comm. station, competing with the blaring of the ship’s general alarm as he issued orders to usurp control of the ship to an officer who was no longer there.

Another of the small troop ships escaped, one of only a very few that couldn’t be counted amongst the growing shower of space debris and burnt-out hulls drifting lazily into the planet’s atmosphere. Martell pondered whether he had made the right choice in defending these ships; whether the troops inside were thanking the stars for the unknown commander who had saved their lives, or whether the ships actually carried troops at all. His own ship reeled from explosions as a portion of his brothers fleet turned to engage the lone cruiser, having dealt with the remainder of the escape pods. Attempting to maneuver his slowly disintegrating ship away from the battle, Char-Les saw the last remaining defense cruiser jump to hyperspace, and heard the garrison commander issue one final incomprehensible word of thanks before the hull buckled around him, and cold space reached in to take him.

After the battle, Char-Les Martell was recovered from what was left of his ship, and resuscitated in order to stand trial and face execution for crimes against the Empire. While his brother insisted on death for the traitor, seeing no reason to preserve the life of the useless vagrant that was his brother, their father refused the idea; having his named associated with betrayal, especially within the new Sith-controlled Empire, would not only shame, but doom the entire family. A more subtle, though equally demeaning punishment was in order. The younger Martell awoke within a bacta tank, aboard his brother’s flagship, the massive capital ship Ardor. Having been promoted following the destruction of the defecting garrison and enjoying the benefits of his new position, Cronis was more than happy to dole out his brother’s punishment: complete demotion and discharge from the Imperial Navy, banishment from the Sith Empire, and an indefinite life of slavery on the Sith-held planet of Ruuria. While he would be well enough to walk upon delivery, Cronis mentioned he had ordered his medical staff not to waste their time repairing his younger brother’s heavily mangled leg, and that they had replaced it for him, free of charge.

Char-Les, not entirely confounded by his brother’s searing hatred, was more disturbed by his father’s actions. A man who believed in and lived for the honor of the Emperor had allowed his own son to butcher hundreds of loyal soldiers, all in the name of an usurper. Cronis dismissed the naivete of his younger brother, explaining that his actions in the name of the One Sith had earned him a promotion, a promotion that would have placed him on equal ranking with their father, had the old man not fled to Bastion along with half the fleet, refusing a deal to trade the captive Sith officers of his stolen ships for his younger son as he left.

And with this brief excuse for his family’s actions in mind, The former Lieutenant Martell was dumped into slavery. Forsaken by the Empire he had served, forgotten by the family that had betrayed him, by the lives he had saved, he has abandoned his past with the singular purpose of exacting his revenge in the only way he can: surviving, and thriving, when no-one else believes he will.

Lieutenant Martell

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