Lord Soror

Bringer of Darkness


A Dark Side force wielder, the Dark Lord Soror was the Summoner of the Noctis, first to give it form and a host in this universe, he was killed in combat with the two Jedi, Celista and Nalu. He crafted the three Stars of Noctis as a device for summoning the raw power of the Dark Side, he created the three focus points needed to fully stabilize a conduit from which he hoped to gain unlimited power. Soror built his fortress on his homeworld of Corcin, and he used that planet’s moon as the location where he would bring his abomination to life.

Building an elaborate altar, he used the Stars of Noctis and created a massive rift in the Force, a crack in the life energies of the universe that let the Noctis in. It emerged as little more than a simple shadow, but even as such, its power was immense, and Lord Soror eagerly embraced it. He became the first host of the Noctis, and it used him to gather power, feeding off his dark emotions and of those around him, his servants and his victims. When finally confronted by the two Jedi, Celista and Nalu, Soror lost the battle, and the Noctis sought a new host.

Unbeknownst to the Jedi at the time, it latched itself onto the Padawan Nalu, influencing her dark emotions as it continued to feed and grow stronger. Lord Soror himself was entombed by Celista later, after learning the truth of his fate, he had acted as little more than a puppet of the Noctis. Her pity for what Soror allowed himself to become pushed her to create the Temple of Passing not to honor Soror, but to warn against his path. Long after his death, however, some small fragment of the Noctis still existed within his corpse, dormant until destroyed by the Hunters of the Noble Rose, erasing the last physical trace of Lord Soror from the universe.

Lord Soror

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