Sith Witch of Dathomir


Defense 18, Attack +14, Damage 20
Known Powers: Force 10, Master of the Force 2, Force Blast
Melee Attack, Triple Attack, Rolling Cleave


The Sith Witch Nelia was born into the Nightsister Clan on the planet Dathomir. Skilled in the Force as well as in melee combat, Nelia lost face when her prized slave Paxis, saved her life, upon which she was forced to release him from his slavery. Enraged, she swore that if Paxis ever returned to Dathomir, she would personally end his life as painfully as possible.

Nelia pushed herself to make up for the great shame brought upon her by Paxis, and further excelled in the Force well beyond her sisters. when Nom Anor first began negotiating with the Sith Witches, Nelia bargained with him to supply force-sensitive warriors in exchange for Nom Anor’s advanced technological knowledge, but in reality she planned to betray Nom Anor once the Black Temple was opened, to keep its powerful contents for herself.

But Nelia never saw the inside of the Black Temple, when she learned that Paxis was amongst the mercenaries hunting down Nom Anor, she summoned her personal Rancor mount and waiting within the hidden valley on Dathomir. But Paxis had grown in power, and proved far to powerful for Nelia to combat. As she was beaten in combat, she begged for mercy, reminding her former slave that it was her who had freed him. Her pleas fell on deaf ears, as Paxis gleefully cut her down.


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