Nom Anor

The Master


Def 19, Attack +10, Damage 20

Known Powers: Melee Attack, Double Attack, Twin Attack, Greater Mobile Attack, Greater Plaeryon Bol, Ooglith Masquer, Cortosis Armor, Bladed Armor


Nom Anor was a male Yuuzhan Vong who played a crucial role in the Yuuzhan Vong War and was marked by his ambition, sense of self-preservation, doubt in the Yuuzhan Vong’s gods, and skill in many fields. A member of the Intendant caste, Anor was one of the leaders among the Yuuzhan Vong in the galaxy prior to the species’ invasion. He was best know for his skills in deception, subterfuge, and sabotage. His apparent death at the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War seems to have recently been called into doubt, as he has made a recent reappearance as a threat to the Outer Rim.

Initially presenting himself as The Master, Nom Anor was the master manipulator behind a large organization subtlety operating within the Outer Rim. The organization first made itself known aboard the Bright Bauble, when operatives were attempting to seize a Holocron owned by Kodagga the Hutt. This Holocron was captured by a group of mercenaries who had been in the Hutt’s employ. Nom Anor sent his agents to at first kill the group, then to negotiate with them for possession of the Holocron. Seeing an opportunity, he hired the group, at first calling himself Master Prorok, an alias he would later claim was another translation of the Yuuzhan Vong word for Prophet, and claimed to be a collector of antiquities, an obvious lie to the mercenaries.

Completing the Holocron, Nom Anor continued to deceive the group, but with a much more shocking revelation. Using an ooglith masquer, Nom Anor claimed to be the famous war hero, Anakin Solo. Evidence points to the fact that Nom Anor was in possession of Anakin’s blood, and likely used it to create the Oooglith Masquer he wore, it also allowed him to exhibit basic Force abilities. After finally betraying the Mercenaries within his main base on Ruuria, many of his true intentions were revealed through data mining his files.

Nom Anor’s obsession with self-preservation caused him to pervert everything the Yuuzhan Vong had believed in. He constructed bio-mechanical constructs and life-support systems, anything to keep himself alive. His years of obsession over the Yuuzhan Vong’s defeat at the hands of the Jedi created a twisted belief within him that the Force itself was an abomination, and his goals were to devise a way to murder the Force itself. His research led him to discover the Black Temple, wherein he would discover the original Thought Bomb created by Darth Revan. By detonating the Thought Bomb, Nom Anor planned to use its power to purge all Force Wielders from the galaxy. In the end, his ambitions were ended by the Mercenaries, amongst which was hidden one of the three Droids of the Cult, Shioshi, who weakened Nom Anor’s fully cyborg body enough that when the Thought Bomb finally collapsed, he was destroyed in a fiery blast.

After his death, the Empire of the Hand, at the time working alongside the Cult of Illviii, worked extensively to cleanse Nom Anor’s bases and laboratories, including his primary facility on Ruuria. Evidence that Nom Anor may have survived surfaced on Ruuria many months later, when the Bounty Hunters of the Noble Rose found a Brain in a Jar within a Sith Lab, which was apparently in the process of excavating his old base. Any chance of Nom Anor’s survival in this form was ended by a few well placed Blaster bolts. A final note in the Legacy of Nom Anor, his research and name have continued on, as the Dark Hunters have used rumors of his continued existence as bait to lure Raxar Kun into a trap.

Nom Anor

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