Heart of Darkness


Defense 19, Attack +12, Damage 20
Known Powers: Twin Attack, Parry, Force 3, Force Grip 1, Sith Hunger


Born on Dathomir, Paxis began life as a slave to the Sith Witch Nelia. After saving her life, Paxis was freed from slavery, despite the immense shame it caused Nelia, her hand was forced by the laws of her people. As such, Paxis was exiled from Dathomir, and threatened with death should he ever return.

Paxis began with simple ambitions, money and power. As such, he joined the mercenary crew of the Bright Bauble, hoping for glory. Instead, he would align himself with a Dark Jedi, attracted by the threads of the Force which tied the group together. Paxis trained and began to focus his abilities in the Force, eventually unlocking much of his latent power after a vision he saw within the Jedi Temple on Ossus. There, he faced a phantom of his former master Nelia, who berated his weakness and cowardice. Faced with this Dark side phantom, Paxis finally unleashed his anger and slew the vision, cementing his journey into the Dark side.

But fate was delivering Paxis into the hands of The Master not as an ally, but as a key. His blood, the blood of a native-born would serve as the key to open the hidden Temple on Dathomir. When The Master captured the group, Paxis received special attention, with the removal of his hand. The all-consuming rage within Paxis reached its peak as his party arrived on Dathomir, and he finally confronted his former master Nelia in the flesh. There, he fulfilled the vision he had seen on Ossus and cut her down.

Within the Black Temple, Paxis was immediately attracted to the raw Dark Side energy of the Thought Bomb. As he tapped into its raw power, he became Force Gorged, a terrifying entity burning itself out with power. Battling Nom Anor for control of his power, neither of them anticipated The Awakening of Revan, who immediately took control of the Thought Bomb and detonated it, destroying Nom Anor and Paxis within it. This would be the end for the former Dathomir slave, but at the last moment, his essence grasped the last waning powers of the Thought Bomb to anchor his spirit to the Black Temple.

The Spirit of Paxis waited, and eventually latched onto a young Mandalorian of the Mud Squad, completely possessing and eventually destroying them, taking the body as his own. However, he could not access the force in this body, a frustrating problem that he could not overcome alone. Help came from an unexpected source, an anonymous package of blood, the blood of his old body. Injecting this blood gave him small glimpses of the Force, and while for a great deal of time, he believed that this blood was coming from a still living Nom Anor, but could never prove it. In actuality, it was the Cult of Illviii, who desired Paxis as a tool for his unbridled thirst for power and chaotic nature. When Paxis and the other mercenaries eventually joined with the Empire of the Hand, the Mandalorian Paxis inhabited disappeared, and he reemerged in his old Body, a new clone created by the Cult of Illviii.

Goaded by visions of blood and chaos, Paxis attended the summit between Thrawn and Revan, waiting for his chance. When Shioshi turned and attacked Revan, the group watched in horror, and when Revan seemed to finally obtain the upper hand, Paxis struck, cutting down Revan, all according to the Cult‘s desired plan. Aboard the Star Forge, Paxis grabbed at the power contained within the Force Cell, tapping into its limitless power as he did with the Thought Bomb, unknowingly, he had been groomed for this by the Cult all along, for they intended Paxis to be the core of the new Star Forge’s power, ironically his ambitions would have led him into a completely different form of slavery. But in the end, Paxis was defeated, his spirit finally destroyed, and the Star Forge utterly destroyed.


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